Brushing Brush
Brushing Brush
Brushing Brush
Brushing Brush

Brushing Brush

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This sleek, lightweight blow-dry brush makes it quick and easy to create the style of your choice, while respecting the scalp and hair fiber. It has an integrated separating pick.

Diameter : 43 mm

Ceramic and Ionic Technology

Clean your brush regularly to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Over time and with each brushing, hair, dust and other debris accumulate on your brush.

They should be carefully removed by hand or with a comb to avoid damaging the brush bristles.

You can also wash the brush with warm water and a few drops of shampoo for a more effective cleaning. Scrub it with your hands and then rinse it with clean water.

Let it air dry, away from a heat source.

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Heats quickly and maintains heat without burning thanks to its hollow ceramic brush head and holes that allow air to circulate.

Neutralizes static electricity


Detangle your hair with your Flexible Brush and apply a heat-protective treatment.

On pre-dried hair, let your brush glide along the strand with one hand, accompanying the movement of the hair dryer.

For easy blow-drying, use the integrated pick to shape your separations.



Recycled and recyclable packaging


We use active ingredients of natural origin with proven effectiveness

Cruelty free

Not tested on animals