Founder of Mon SHAMPOING

her motto

“Feel attractive in yourself to attract others and highlight your natural beauty”

The story of a passion

It is in 2019 that the adventure Mon SHAMPOING is born. A true hair enthusiast, Patricia started designing natural, healthy and above all effective haircare products:

I have always been passionate about hair, long or short; straight, wavy, curly, coily. I believe hair can be an extension and an expression of who we are. It can be a moving, flowing or a structural work of art. It can contribute greatly to self-esteem, actions and motives...This passion burnt brighter than fire after realizing that harsh chemical products not only harm our hair, but also have significant effects on our body, seeping through our scalp and down our backs as we rinse off. I instinctively knew that I needed to transform taking care of our hair into a healthy self-care ritual.

From the Dawn to the Birth of Mon SHAMPOING

When my two kids flew the nest, the time came to let my passion for hair shine its fiery light. I followed the guidance of intuition and began my journey into creating a new kind of haircare ritual. A ritual that would combine health, well-being and sensorial enchantment of flowers and plants.

With a group of chemists, we began to experiment formulas rich in natural active ingredients. After extensive research and a productive collaboration, the end result unfolded as the alchemy of nature blended with the French botanical high-performing savoir-faire sprinkled with a touch of luxury. Bringing back to life the ancient healing and medicinal power of essential oils in Mon SHAMPOING rituals to protect the hair as it undergoes a myriad of changes as we ​journey through life, boosting their natural shine, softness and health.

A committed tribe

During the creation process we made a point of listening to all expectations and observations we could gather from you. It is this collective feedback that led Mon SHAMPOING’s unique concept of customizable botanical haircare.

The Earth gifts us with her wonders and in return Mon SHAMPOING commits to honoring her gifts by being gentle, effective and responsibly sourced and packaged. Together, linked by a responsible lifestyle choice of health, effectiveness and quality, Mon SHAMPOING hair tribe is growing on all continents. I am grateful and excited to share this hair journey with you!

Love, Patricia

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