Why should we avoid sulfates in shampoos?

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When we wash our heads, we often think that the more a shampoo lathers, the better it cleans. However, lather is not a sign of cleanliness, efficiency or even quality. On the contrary, too much foam is often synonymous with sulfate. Sulfate is the controversial active ingredient to avoid in your shampoos! Here is why...

What is Sulfate?

There are several types of Sulfates. In shampoos, we most often find Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. All these sulfates are what we call surfactants, foaming agents that allow shampoos to lather and clean your hair. Some of them are very chemical and can even be used in other products such as shower gels or toothpaste. Although ubiquitous in your shampoos, this ingredient can be very harmful to your scalp and hair. It dries and irritates your scalp and can even weaken your lengths. It is therefore an ingredient to be banned if you have sensitive or irritated scalp problems. But don't panic, there are gentle shampoos that don't use aggressive and chemical sulfates!

What are the benefits of a non-sulfate shampoo?

There are several benefits to using a harsh sulfate-free shampoo. If you have dry hair, you must remove the harsh sulfates from your shampoos. Indeed, as mentioned above, these bad sulfates dry your scalp because they absorb your sebum. This can lead to more serious problems such as itching and dandruff! They are thus to be proscribed completely if you have problems of irritated or sensitive scalps with redness and itchings or dandruff not to worsen your problem.

When you have an oily scalp problem, using sulfate-free shampoos can help remedy your problem. Indeed, when you wash your hair with a shampoo containing these sulfates, your scalp is dried out and will, consequently, produce even more sebum to defend itself. So, by using a sulfate-free shampoo, you'll be able to save money and space out your shampoos!

Moreover, if you are a fan of Brazilian straightening, it is essential to use only shampoos without aggressive sulfates! Indeed, these detergents gradually destroy the effects of your straightening. It is therefore essential to use hair products without sulfates, soft and enriched with vegetable keratin if you want to preserve your smoothing.

Finally, for those who wish to keep a quality hair without equal, it is strongly advised to stop using shampoos with these sulfates. Indeed, these detergent agents and in particular Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) do not only damage your scalp but also your lengths. Increasingly attacked, your hair is weakened and dried out. Split ends start to appear... Moreover, faced with these sulfates, the hair follicle is also weakened which, over time, impacts hair growth and can even lead to hair loss! In other words, you have everything to gain by switching to a natural shampoo, without harmful sulfates!

What product should you use to replace your shampoo containing aggressive sulfates?

In order to preserve your hair, it is preferable to use shampoos formulated with gentle surfactants of natural origin such as Sodium Coceth Sulfate which is a natural and gentle foaming agent derived from coconut! This gentle surfactant will help preserve your scalp while maintaining a light, smooth lather!

So remember: banish your sulfate shampoos for sulfate-free shampoos for you and the whole family! Your hair will thank you!

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