How can you naturally nourish dry, damaged hair in summer?

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Summer's in full swing, and you know what that means? Sun, vacations, and of course... fabulous hair! But did you know that the sun's rays can cause serious damage to your hair? That's why it's crucial to adopt a hair care routine specially designed to protect your hair during the summer season. Get ready to discover the secret to keeping your hair as dazzling as the sun itself. This way, you can say goodbye to dry, damaged hair when the summer comes, and enjoy the summer to the full while preserving the health and beauty of your hair.



Why do I get damaged hair in summer?

When we expose our hair to the sun without adequate protection, it suffers damage such as dehydration, discoloration, brittleness and split ends. The sun's UV rays can also damage the hair cuticle, resulting in a loss of shine and vitality. That's why it's essential to adopt a specific sun care routine to protect our hair. Indeed, summer is often synonymous with trips to the beach or pool, which multiplies external aggressions (salt, chlorine, UV), making our hair even more vulnerable.

Why protect your hair in summer?

Just as we use sun creams to protect our skin, there are products specially designed to protect our hair not only from the sun, but also from chlorine and salt! Hair care products act as a barrier against the sun's harmful rays, and help to eliminate salt and chlorine particles. They help prevent damage, retain hair's natural moisture and maintain its shine. Investing in the right sun protection for your hair is therefore an essential gesture to maintain its health and beauty all summer long.



How to treat dry, damaged hair naturally?

Plant keratin, present throughout the Mon SHAMPOING sun care range, is an essential ingredient for strengthening hair structure and preventing sun damage. It helps restore hair's elasticity and resistance while maintaining balanced hydration. In addition, it forms a protective barrier against external aggressions, helping to preserve hair health even during prolonged exposure to the sun.

Orange blossom essential oil is another precious ingredient in the sun care range. Not only does it offer a pleasant fragrance, it also has soothing properties for the scalp, helping to prevent irritation caused by sun exposure. Its soothing action helps maintain the scalp's balance, promoting healthy, strong hair.
Marula vegetable oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, providing deep hydration and protection against external aggressions. It helps keep hair soft, supple and shiny despite the drying effects of the sun. What's more, its light texture enables rapid absorption without weighing hair down, leaving it feeling light and fresh.



What's your summer hair routine?

Start by spraying Sun Spray on your hair throughout the day, which will create a protective barrier, moisturizing your hair and leaving it feeling fresh. Reapply as often as necessary to maintain optimum protection all day long. Next, use Mon SHAMPOING Sun Shampoo to gently cleanse your hair of salt, chlorine and styling product residues. Its gentle formula gently eliminates impurities while preserving the scalp's natural balance. Finally, apply Sun Mask to lengths and ends - an important step not to be skipped. Leave it on for a few minutes for deep hydration and intense repair of hair damaged by the sun and repeated swimming.

Long-term benefits:

By regularly using the sun care range, you'll see long-lasting results. Your hair will be better protected from UV rays, retain its natural shine and stay moisturized. What's more, thanks to the natural formulation of the products, you'll avoid the undesirable "straw" effect often caused by chemicals and non-specific formulation of conventional hair products (not suitable for swimming and sun exposure). With the Mon SHAMPOING Suncare range, your hair will never look so good in the summer or at the start of the new school year!


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The main difference between a sun shampoo and a conventional shampoo lies in their formulation. Sun shampoos are specially designed to protect hair from harmful UV rays, often with ingredients such as UV filters and enhanced moisturizing agents, while classic shampoos generally focus on cleansing and conditioning hair without this specific sun protection.

To prevent dry, damaged hair during the summer months, it's essential to adopt a proper hair care routine. Moisturize your hair by using specific products such as sun shampoos and conditioners. Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat or using hair care products containing UV filters, such as the Solaire Mon SHAMPOING range. Also, limit the use of heated appliances such as straightening irons or hair dryers, as excessive heat can contribute to drier, more fragile hair. Finally, remember to apply nourishing hair masks once or twice a week to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

To repair sunburned hair, start by trimming damaged ends. Then use an intense hair mask for dry hair. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, and use hair care products with UV protection. Finally, limit the use of heat on styling tools and opt for natural hairstyles to allow your hair to recover.